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From beginner to the scratch golfer, we at the Spruce Creek Golf Academy can get you hitting the ball more consistently, chipping closer to the hole, and sinking more putts with our tried and true simple methods. We believe in making the game as simple as possible without filling your head with 6 or 7 swing thoughts which are simply just not necessary to play your best.


Located at Spruce Creek Country Club in Port Orange Florida just minutes from Daytona Beach, our facility has everything you need to fine tune each aspect of your game. We use Video Swing Analysis and Launch Monitor technology so you can see exactly how you are progressing hitting the ball farther and straighter.


In each day we will work on strengthening the weakness of your game making sure you leave with enough information and what a proper practice plan to improve your game. The more time we spend with you the better results you will get. We also will evaluate your equipment to make sure your clubs are fit for you and not hindering your performance.


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